Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I was approached by the fine folks at Gelaskins awhile back to join their artist roster... I did and today I received some samples from Brian who heads the whole shebang up... I must say I'm really impressed with the print quality... Really top notch... beautiful rich colours.

If you are looking for phone cases, or iPad, kindle, mac or phone skins hit them up... This is quality stuff and they have a ton of great artists as well... Look up SKULLUXE or Dan Springer to see my jazz

Plus they are based in Toronto!!!

Monday, March 31, 2014


This weekend I took part in my neighbourhood's MakeIt! Fair... there were lots of neat activities for the kids... lego, robots, crafts... I was there with my bicycle bells and to pass the time I brought some boxes, a glue gun and some scissors and proceeded to pass the time by making a deer head hat... turned out pretty cool...  I really like working with cardboard in this way... no plans, just cut, glue and go... really intuitive and really gets the head working out spatial relationships... modeled by the lovely Rosie!


12"x16" acrylic on wood panel...

Decided to whip my logo into shape and do something a bit different with it... I really like the result...


Getting itchy for motorcycle season to begin so I painted this 12"x24" acrylic on wood panel to settle my nerves and wait for the ice to melt before hopping on my bikes... looking forward to spring!


Just a little 10"x10" painting... the long winter this year has been wearing me down...


You may not know, but Frankenstein is my dog... a very lovely girl of 13 years old... she is a pain sometimes but I love her... she goes by the nicknames: Frankz, Francis, Honey Bunny, Hellface and Dog E. Log...

This is a 18"x12" acrylic on wood panel...


Here is a 16"x20" painting I did up called "Daruma Skull". It is acrylic on wood panel with a metallic copper paint.

In case you don't know what a daruma is... here is the wikipedia page: we have  one sitting on the fireplace... I've always like the shape and the way they look so I thought I would do my version as a skull with ribs...