Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Many people have been sending me emails or comments about the Skully Vans... The cost will be $150 per pair + $20 shipping, they will come with 3 different tongue colours (maybe more, but minimum 3). I will be making them on a pre-order basis. That means I will ask you to pay half or the full amount up front to cover my costs. You can pre order by paypaling me $85 (or the full $170) to josiefeen@gmail.com .

I will be doing this since they are hand made and I have to order each pair of blanks with the idea that there is a buyer for each pair, otherwise I am stuck with a pair of shoes I have no use for. I will be doing both men's white canvas and ladies black patent leather (depending on size availability). The time frame will be 2 months from when I receive your order (there are so many orders that is the most reasonable time frame I can come up with... I will be a busy man).

I will be sending this information to those of you that I have contact information, others that just commented under "guest" or "anonymous" please get in touch with me with your proper information.




Here is a little 12" x 12" painting I did for my girl for our anniversary... acrylic on wood...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


A few for August... just click to get full size version...

Hope everyone is having a good summer... cool and rainy all summer so far here in Toronto...