Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Just found a few of my Death's Boogie Van women's shirts in storage. Get em' while they last.

These are real nice shirts, super dark blye/grey fitted Alternative Apparel Vintage Soft, all the girls who have bought them say they are really comfortable and soft... they are grey with some nice detail stitching on the shoulders... They are XL I have been told they fit like a medium, but they are longer. Ladies, buy one for yourself and be awesome. Guys, buy one for your girl and reap the rewards of being the best boyfriend in the world.

They are just sitting around and I want to clear them out, $7 (USD) + $3 shipping

May have a bit cat fur on it... my cat has been sleeping in the box, but they are brand new.

Click the "Buy Now" below to get your mitts on one.

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