Monday, May 10, 2010


I have been kicking around this idea in my head for a year or two but just never had the kick in the pants to try it, then my friend Joey asked me to be in a charity skate deck show so that was all I needed. It is a 3D anaglyph printed by using 2 laser etched skateboards... each slightly different to account for the object either popping in the foreground or receding into the background. I am surprised it work, it took alot of trial and error to get them to a point where I could pull off a decent print. I finally ended up using a high density sponge (actually the back of a foam stamp) to blot the ink onto the decks and then I aligned the paper and used a rubber roller to back of the paper to get a good contact.

They turned out pretty good and they went over well at the show... I believe they ended up selling to someone from the Imax 3D studio here in Toronto who was going to put it up the studio... cool!


Vandal Klown said...

I took home 4 of 10 and gave it to Momz for Mothers Day.
She loves it.

JohnnyS said...

Very cool!!!

Alice said...


keith clarke said...

I got to talk to Joey to see if he has any more of the prints i knew i should have gotten one when i was there. Well if not i still scored Dan's deck which by the way is bad ass. And i think i should pick up the one from last years show too. I mean check it out do you know how much work went into it, damn. Thanks for been in the show i know joey loved the decks.