Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yep... they're here! Series 2 of the roving eye rocks glasses are done and ready to make their home in your liquor cabinet. This series features The Mummy, Witch, Creature and Wolfman, all with that same roving eye that follows you around as you turn the glass. Makes a great addition to your first set... and if you don't have the first set, well... you are in luck because I have had a small quantity of them reprinted (very limited) so you can have a chance to get all 8 before they are gone.

Shipping is set at $12.50 per set of 4 which is less than they actually take to ship (Toronto locals contact me directly before purchasing if you would like to pick them up in person and I will waive shipping costs)

The details:
- 320ml/11 ounce glass rocks style glasses
- durable 4-5 colour screened image
- dishwasher safe, but handwashing is recommended
- inside print eye follows you around as you turn the glass
- Limited quantities
- discount for ordering 2 or more sets
- all prices in Canadian Dollars

Due to limited edition size (24 sets of Series 2 and 8 reprints of Series 1) item may be sold out when ordering, if so, your paypal payment will be refunded in it's entirety.



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diaphinia said...

AWESOME design! I love these. I believe I will have to get them for a birthday present to ME.